It is a common theory that children will sleep at night in the car, thus, making it the most recommended time of day for families to travel and arrive at their destination with fewer stops.  For some families, this may be true, but for many, it isn't the case!   Many children and teens don't sleep in the car at all.

Unlike daytime travel, you can't see many of the signs on the road, tag bingo may be harder, and mobile devices can be a great distraction for the driver.  This makes dark hours the perfect opportunity for families to put down mobile devices and play a few road games together.

As the parent/host, be animated, make game playing fun and it will create a lasting memory with the kids.  -- Fifteen years ago I played the ultimate game of eye spy with my nieces and nephews on a short road trip. They are all in their 20s now and still talk and remember that specific game fondly.

The following is our top 20 list for night travel games and activities to do in the car:

  1. Air Band
  3. Car Karaoke
  5. Comedy Hour
  7. Rhyming Games
  9. Tongue Twisters
  11. Night Fright Stories
  13. Glow in the Dark Art
  15. Hand Clapping Games
  17. Radio Game (Name the Year)
  19. Star Gazing (passengers only)
  21. Thumb War (passengers only)
  23. Radio Game (Name that song)
  25. Radio Game (Name the Artist)
  27. Radio Game (Name the Album)
  29. Rock, Paper, Scissors Playoff (passengers only)
  31. Night Bingo (Neon, street, and lighted business signs)
  33. Guess the Color (color upcoming/passing car - before it passes)
  35. Humming Challenge (Players guess the song you are humming)
  37. Guess the Car (make or model of upcoming/passing car - before it passes)
  39. No travel game list would be completed without the amazing game of 20 Questions
Quick Tips:

My personal family favorites are air band, karaoke, and all of the radio games.  If you play them, I recommend you designate one person (who is seated in location that is favorable for the driver) to look up the answers on your cell or other device with mobile internet connection.

Many of the games listed are "challenge" games that would conclude with a winner.  Bring special "winners only" treats or prizes with you to reward winners and give kids another incentive to put down the devices and play.

What family games do you like to play in the car at night?

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