Subaru Tire Care

Tire Care Basics

They work hard to keep you going, and it's important to treat your tires well. Even if you aren't someone who likes to get their hands dirty, keeping on top of your tires can save you a lot of money over the life of your car. 

Tire Pressure

Checking pressure is easy and pressure gauges are very inexpensive. Remove the cap on your valve stem. Put the gauge onto the valve stem and press in. The gauge will show a psi reading. What's the right reading? It's easy to figure out. Open the front driver side door and check out a sticker conveniently put there. For most cars it's somewhere between 32 and 40 cold. I fill my tires at my local warehouse club where the air is free and you can set exactly how much air you want with an automatic shut off, but you can also fill at any gas station for a few quarters, or it may be worth investing in a small air compressor (for us, that's been a lifesaver for air mattresses, blow up toys and bike tires - car maintenance is just a plus!)When should you check your pressure? 

Change of season (or even just a big change in temperature) - When your car is pulling to one side- If anything just "feels off". I usually don't feel a problem until I fix it, but others are very in tune with their cars and can feel that they're "riding low". 

Tire Rotation

Your tires should be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles (I like to think of it as every other oil change). The key is to stay consistent so the tires wear evenly.  If you don't rotate your tires you can cut their life in half, which is a huge expense! Because I don't always remember things, I write a TR on my oil change sticker when the tires weren't rotated. If I see a TR on my sticker, I know I need to get both done at once. No TR, and all I need is an oil change.


Salt and sand in the winter, as well as brake dust and road dirt all year long, can contribute to a shorter life span for tires if they aren't kept clean. In the winter, it's important to keep the car washed, even in cold temperatures. If you do it at home, mild soap and water with a tire brush can keep everything clean and shiny!

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