How to Save on Gas

How to Save on Gas

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Everyone is always trying to save on vehicle fuel cost, so the service team at Reedman-Toll Subaru has put together a few tips and tricks you can do to help skip the few of those trips to the pump. When you think about saving miles per gallon, the first thing most people think of is that they have to drive slow. But there are other things you can do to your car as well as regular maintenance. We will go over all of these in this article.

If I drive differently can I save on gas?

Here are four tips you can do while you are driving:

1. Lay off the acceleration
Your engine sucks down gas during hard acceleration. So when that light turns green, don't mash the pedal to the floor. When an SUV's V8 is routinely mashed, you are apt to lose up to 10 to 12 miles per gallon. This amount may not sound like much but, it adds up to a 25-percent reduction.

2. Look ahead.
There is no need to come speeding up to the stoplight. If you can see a red light up ahead, why not slow down, let off the accelerator and glide until you get the green, and then accelerate moderately. This trick will save not only gas but also your brake pads.

3. Don't Idle.
I know it seems more comfortable just to let your car run while you chat with the friend you ran into, but this wastes more gas than you would think.

4. Get that Junk out of your trunk
It happens to all of us. Stuff quickly piles up in your car. However, by reducing the weight of your vehicle, you can increase mileage. Plus, maybe you'll find some missing treasure in there.

Is there anything I can fix on my car to get more miles to a gallon?

These next few tips fall under the maintenance category, and the certified service technicians at Reedmen-Toll Subaru are here to help you with all of them.

1. Engine Tuned
If your engine is improperly tuned, you can lose up to 4.1% of your gas mileage. The most important and often the most overlooked for decent mileage is a properly working oxygen sensor. When the oxygen sensor is working efficiently, you can see an increase of 40 percent.

2. Check Your Air Filter
The two most important things an engine needs to run are fuel and air. A vehicle's air filter needs to be changed every 12,000 miles. If your car can not efficiently get the air, it needs your performance, and the fuel economy will suffer. You could save as much as 22 cents per gallon by replacing a bad air filter.

3. Properly Inflated
When tires are underinflated, it increasing the resistance to make them spin. The engine will have to work harder to move the car along the road. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, for every 1 PSI you are under the optimal rate, you lose 0.4 percent of your miles per gallon. The average person can improve their mileage by up to 3.3 percent by inflating their tires regularly.

4. Use the Right Motor Oil
The proper oil may seem insignificant, but it will not work as efficiently with the wrong oil in your engine. You can save a couple of cents per gallon just by using the recommended oil.

Reedman-Toll Subaru can help you save money on gas!

It is easy to overlook these small items, and it may sound like it not cost-effective, but over the lifetime of your car, they all add up. Why not save your money for the more fun things in life you want to do. The service team at Reedmen-Toll Subaru is ready to help you achieve this. Call and set up an appointment today!

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