Importance of getting an Oil Change

Importance of getting an Oil Change

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There's nothing like getting in the car and hitting the road for your next adventure, whether it's a multi-day road trip, a drive to visit your loved ones, or a simple trip to a friend's house. We rely on our vehicles for a variety of important tasks, like getting us to work or school, and to complete all our necessary errands. This is why it's so important to look after your car, and make sure you're doing everything in your power to keep it working in its best possible condition, so that it can continue to serve you in everything you need to do. One of the most simple yet most important ways to maintain your car is to get an oil change on a regular basis. Continued down below, we'll fill you in on all the benefits of getting an oil change, and let you know how to make your appointment here at Reedman-Toll Subaru!

What Does Fresh Oil Do?

We'll begin by diving into what exactly the oil in your car does for the engine and all its inner workings! Oil is an important fluid to have because it coats the pistons inside the engine, and allows them to run smoothly and slide within their chambers without building up friction. Due to the pistons' constant motion, the oil ends up moving around within the system as well. This motion causes the oil to break down over time as it gets pushed back and forth, which will eventually cause it to lose its integrity and turn into sludge. When you get an oil change, you're draining the old oil before it has the chance to gunk up your engine, and you're also getting rid of the excess debris it's accumulated along the way, so that your engine can continue to run smoothly!

Engine Cooling

One of the benefits of having a well-lubricated engine with fresh oil is that it will reduce friction, which in turn keeps the amount of heat generated under the hood at bay. The oil will coat all the interior parts such as joints, pistons, and gears, providing a smooth surface so that they can easily glide into place wherever they need to go. If you wait too long to change your oil, the dirt and grime that builds up will prevent this smooth lubrication process and result in friction beginning to build within the engine. This will cause your engine to heat past the optimal temperature, which in turn prevents it from functioning at its best.

Increase Your Efficiency

It's important to keep in mind that the oil in your car flows through the engine itself, and will directly affect its health and performance overall. This means, that as dirt and debris build up within the oil, it will begin to travel throughout the engine. Not only does this cause overall wear and tear, but it will also take a toll on the engine's power output, and general efficiency. The engine will have to work harder to provide the results you're looking for, and will no longer be able to accelerate as quickly, reach its usual speeds, or maintain good gas mileage. If you change your oil on a regular basis, you'll keep your engine clean and efficient, so that it can continue to perform well for years to come.

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