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High-performance cars require intricate engineering and architecture to be capable of having the most responsive control at high speeds and during rapid acceleration. Subaru's subsidiary company, Subaru Tecnica International (STI), works with top of the line technicians to refine and develop racecar systems and technology to provide optimal performance in racetrack settings. Subaru has worked in conjunction with STI to further integrate cutting edge systems into their own commercial vehicles to produce an incredible on-road performance to offer an exciting, fun driving experience. In recent exciting news, Subaru has announced that it will be offering an incredible S-line performance rated model with the Limited Edition STI S209.

Subaru Tecnica International has worked hard to develop and refine track-ready engineered car systems that take influence and applications from motorsports applications. With the development of professional-grade resources, STI has been a strong force in the professional racing, with technicians immense time into refining design, tweaking and tuning systems to optimally combine in unison, and testing on the track and challenging road courses. For nearly two decades now, STI has also worked to integrate these top-tier high-performance based components into Subaru's commercial sedans, creating the legacy of the S-series. With this brand new model, STI and Subaru are excited to announce the S209 as the latest model in the series, pushing the limits of commercial sports cars.

The S209 will enter roadways as the most powerful model in the series, bringing in a 2.5-liter Subaru Boxer engine that has been engineered to produce even more power and transfer it more effectively through the sedan's systems. We see an increase of power production up to 341-horsepower that comes from the improved design and engineering with the engine allowing for higher pressure, faster fuel and air intakes, and a more effective muffler exhaust system. We also see a great level improvement in the other systems working in conjunction with the car, that allow for the production of 330 lb-ft of torque allowing for faster corners and exit speeds.

The all-wheel-drive system actively spreads power to each wheel giving the best road-grip that is tuned for consistent traction and response. Systems such as active torque vectoring, front/rear limited-slip differentials, a multi-mode vehicle dynamics control each allow for real-time autonomous adjustments to actively make sure that each wheel is proficiently working to provide the fastest acceleration and best control. For the best high-performance experience, Subaru brings in a six-speed manual transmission that utilizies low-gear ratios and allows for quick, sharp shifts to operate effectively. The S209 also brings in wider tires thanks to the increased width of the frame to attend more rubber to the pavement allowing for sharper turns and better attenuation.

The interior of the S209 is guaranteed to be packed with a multitude of features and technology, allowing for a top-tier driving experience. We here at Reedman-Toll Subaru are excited to hear more about the Subaru S209 as we approach the release date later this year! If you are excited to get behind the wheel of an incredible Subaru sedan, you should check out our all-new lineup of Subaru models here! Give us a call today and visit our lot to meet our friendly dealers and technicians who are happy to help find the perfect Subaru for you!

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