Subaru Gives SUV Pet Safety Tips

If there's one thing that goes perfectly with a Subaru, it is your furry four-legged friends. These pals have been helping you enjoy Subaru vehicles for years, and they don't mind the ride either. In all of that enjoyment, it is important to remember that you shouldn't be the only one keeping safe. Those four-legged pals are a part of the family, and Subaru has teamed up with the Center for Pet Safety to help give recommendations for the best ways to travel with your furry best friend. The whole family is important to Subaru, and that includes your non-human family members who might drool on the upholstery more than you'd like them to. Continue reading down below to read some of the ways that you can keep your furry family members safe.

How can I help keep my pets safe?

With the rise of larger, 3-row SUVs, and their prominence in the market, both CPS and Subaru have analyzed the spacing and the design in these bigger vehicles. In this analyzing, they have identified the most dangerous, and the safest, places for pets to travel in. They have come up with these suggestions in order to best keep your pets safe. If your pet is around 20 pounds or less, then they can be secured or harnessed in carriers in the second-row. Pets that are larger than 20 pounds should be secured in the third-row, directly behind one of the Captain's Chairs in the second-row. Do not put your pets on the floor between the Captain's Chairs, as this is both a hazard to you and your pet. When traveling with children and pets, secure the pets in the third-row, on the opposite side of the vehicle as the child, and place the child in the second-row. These kinds of tips can not only keep your pet safe, but offer better safety for everyone that is traveling in the vehicle!

How long has Subaru and the CPS worked together?

The partnership between these two companies has continued to grow since their initial partnering in 2013. They started out testing pert harnesses. Those results, called the Harness Crashworthiness Study, looking into the differences between the performance of popular pet restraints. The goal of this study was to show off the importance of driving safety with pets in the vehicle. This study was published in 2014, and in the next year they continued to push to highlight top pet safety products. That study created the 2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Studies. As you can tell, Subaru and the CPs have been looking out for your pets for years, and they are looking far into the future to keep them safe.

What else should I know about the Center for Pet Safety?

This company is based in Washington, DC., and has made a positive impact on the well-being of companion animals. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy and research organization that is dedicated to companion animal and  consumer safety. They product test, use scientific research, and further educate the public in order to make the best decisions for the pets in our lives. 

Learn more about the Center for Pet Safety, and be sure to keep your best furry friend safe!


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