Subaru Outback Best Car for Dog Lovers

Subaru Outback Best Car for Dog Lovers

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There is no doubt about it, we are all spending a lot more time in the car these days with curbside pickup to eat out and adventures that maintain social distancing. It is important that your vehicle is ready and offers room for the whole family, including your furry family members. That is why Autotrader took it upon themselves to find the best vehicles for families with dogs, and they have named the 2020 Subaru Outback to their 10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers list! The Outback is known for its versatility and reliability, and is ready for a safe adventure that the whole family will love, including your four-legged best friend. To learn more about why the Subaru Outback was named a Best Car for Dog Lovers and what kind of features to look for when choosing a new vehicle to keep your pup happy, keep reading below!

Can you tell me more about why Autotrader chose the Outback?

Subaru is committed to pet safety and well being both on and off the road, creating vehicles that keep pups safe and comfortable during every adventure they are a part of. Being added to Autotraders list showcases the work that Subaru does to ensure its vehicles are a good fit for every family member including the furry ones! When choosing the best vehicles, Autotrader focused on the upholstery utilized, the size of the rear doors, the height of the cargo floor, and so much more to ensure that dogs are comfortable getting in and out of the vehicle and during the ride. All things that the Outback offers!

What features should I look for to keep my dog comfortable?

No matter the size or breed of your dog, there are a few things to look for when choosing a new vehicle to ensure they are comfortable during every adventure. First up, the upholstery. We recommend leather seating as it is generally more durable and are pretty easy to clean. Cloth upholstery also has advantages as they can be less slippery for dogs. Tinted windows are also important as they reduce the temperature inside the cabin, keeping your pup comfortable while on the road. Another important element to look for is a level cargo floor. This makes it easier for your dogs to climb in and out of the vehicle and offers room for a crate or bed. Lastly, rear air vents! These vents allow fresh air to circulate to your dog. The Subaru Outback comes with all these features and so much more that will keep your four-legged companions comfortable no matter the terrain or weather!

Drive Home a Subaru Outback

We know that you are dying to give your family, including your pups, the vehicle they deserve so come on down to Reedman Toll Subaru to check out the Outback in person! With six outstanding trim levels, there is an Outback model on our lot, here in Philadelphia, that will meet your family's needs with ease. Check them all out here before you stop by! Plus we offer tons of great pet-friendly accessories for the Outback here at Reedman Toll Subaru that will allow you to protect your Outback while keeping your dogs safe and comfortable. We cannot wait to show off the 2020 Subaru Outback to you and share just how awesome it is for families with dogs!

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