Spring is finally here! Which means rain showers, blooming flowers, nicer weather, and that the summer months are just around the corner! Which means long road trips, spontaneous adventures, and cruising with the windows down! We know you are just as excited as we are to load up your Subaru with camping gear, throw the kayaks on the roof, hook the bikes up to the back and enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Before you do all of that we recommend performing all the necessary spring maintenance your car needs to stay in tip-top shape. To make it easier for you we've created a list of everything you should get down to keep your Subaru running like new.

Wash and wax: While your Subaru can handle all the snow, sleet, and ice the harsh winter months have to throw at it, it does now need a bath. Just as road salt deteriorates the ice on the road it can also deteriorate your vehicle. To avoid the damaging effects of salt which include rust make sure you wash your vehicle paying extra attention to the underside where most of the salt has accumulated. Applying rust-proof can also add an effective barrier to the abrasive salt.

Clean the interior: While salt can be detrimental to the exterior of your Subaru it can also damage the interior. We recommend a full detail or going over the interior with a steam cleaner.

Fluid checks: Make sure you check those fluids! We get it the winter months are cold and maintenance is easy to skip when you're trying to make it up to the mountains or just inside where it's warm. So start the warm months off by bringing your Subaru in for a fluid check and get your brake fluid, oil, transmission, and coolant topped off.

Inspect your air filters: Air filters can be easy to overlook but a clogged air filter can greatly impact your engine performance. A dirty air filter can reduce your gas mileage by up to ten percent.

Change windshield wipers: It's probably safe to say your windshield wipers took a beating over the winter months. With springtime showers, you want to make sure they are in excellent condition so you can see the road as clearly as possible.

Battery voltage check: There is nothing worse than running out to your car only to find it won't start so make sure you check the voltage on your battery.

Tire Maintenance: While a car that won't start is a hassle a flat tire is also a huge inconvenience. To avoid a flat or blown tire make sure you check your tire pressure and treads. If you installed winter tires make sure you take them off and replace them with all-season tires.

Reedman-Toll Subaru is proud to offer a comprehensive car repair and service center for all of your regular maintenance needs! Our trained technicians are standing by and ready to keep your Subaru in top shape! Make sure you contact us today to schedule your regular maintenance!

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