Tips for Preventing Dings and Scratches    

 While all car owners obviously aspire to avoid dents and scratches, little dings are inevitable. Other drivers, crowded parking lots, even little kids make our cars more susceptible to damages. Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways to prevent and treat them.   

  • Avoid nicks and scratches when pulling into the garage by suspending a tennis ball from the ceiling. When the ball touches your windshield, you know to stop. 
  • Another way to avoid mishaps in the garage: glue padding like thick foam or even a halved pool noodle onto that pesky pole in the middle of your garage or onto the wall. Having a buffer between the car door and any possible culprit ensures paint stays scratch-free! 
  • When little chips to the paint do happen, skip paying the professionals. Instead, find a nail polish color that matches your paint color for a quick fix. Saves money and time! 
  • Time to finally remove that bumper sticker but you're afraid you'll take off more than just the sticker? Peel off what you can, then place a wet newspaper over sticker residue for 10-minutes; it'll loosen and ensure only what's supposed to come off does! 
  • Be smart in crowds and park away from other cars. Not only does this give you a little exercise, but your car also has the safety of distance from accidental bumps and bruises. 
  • If your vehicle is the victim of a scrape or scuff, a little WD-40 can help buff it right out! 
  • Don't let a little dent discourage you; a plunger can actually work magic on a dented panel! Use the plunger as it's intended to suction the plastic and even out the panel. 
  • Any scuffs can be buffed out with toothpaste! Put toothpaste on a rag and rub out scuffs in a circular motion.

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