Road Trip with a Young Family

The Best Hacks for Young Family Travel
Before you had kids, all you needed to do was toss a few things into your suitcase and hit the open road. But now you have a baby and when it comes to traveling, you need a little more prep and a few more items in your car to keep you baby entertained. So before you plan your summer travel, here are some great hacks that will make traveling with your baby a little easier.   
1. Have groceries delivered to your hotel room. Rather than taking your baby with your to a grocery store when you arrive on at your destination or try to make just a few snacks from the car trip last your entire vacation, have groceries for the entire family delivered to your room. You'll save money and your sanity with this tip. 
2. See what amenities your hotel offers or what you can rent when you arrive. Rather than bringing everything from home, your hotel may have cribs or pack n plays your baby can sleep in. Even complimentary breakfast can help as you plan your vacation with your baby. If you don't want to pack big items like strollers, you can often rent these items, even double strollers, and have the delivered to your hotel room. 
3. When you arrive at your destination, quickly access the room you will be staying in for quick baby proofing. But instead of breaking out the baby proofing supplies from home, use a little tape. Use duct tape or blue painters tape to quickly baby proof electric outlets when you arrive. If your little one often tries to take a swim in the toilet, add a little tape so they will stay out but you can get in. In a pinch, band aids can be used to cover electric outlets too. 
4. Baby clothes, even as tiny as they are, can make quite the mess when you travel. After all, most babies go through a few changes of clothes each day. So to keep outfits together and cut down on the time you have to search through their suitcases, try this trick. Start by grabbing a box freezer bags. Organize your kids' outfits from tops, bottoms, and even their underwear and place each outfit inside a separate freezer bag. This will keep your kids clothes organized, easy to find, and will save you time when you arrive. If you are packing hair accessories for jewelry for you daughter's outfits, put those pieces in the bags as well. 


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