Teen Driver's Permit

So you finally have a teenager. There is something about teenager that instantly says driving. Even 13 year olds are counting the time down until they can get their license and get behind the wheel.

The first thing to do is find out the age in your state. It can vary from state to state at what age kids can get a permit. Some states kids must wait until 16 to get the permit, other states they can get it at 15.

Pick up a driver's book. Driver's manuals are available at DMVs and I have also seen them in many post offices. This is the book that all of the questions based on and contains the rules and laws of driving. Kids need to study the book to be able to pass the written exam.

There's an app for that. There are apps that can help kids study. These apps take questions from the book and quiz the taker. Since it is set up just like the actual test, the kids can see how they would have done, pass or fail and help them get used to have the questions will be phrased.

Get the paperwork together. Each state has its own paperwork that is needed, but it usually is the application, birth certificate, social security card and proof of residency. The applications are usually available online and some states you can also file them online. For proof of residency, usually the parent's driver's license is enough. Some states also require a physical before someone can take the permit test.

The fee. The fee varies from state to state so check with your dmv, either call or online, to find out what it is. Most DNVs require the fee to be paid by check or money order, no cash or debit.

Fill out the parental consent. Since the kids are minors, a parent must be present and must sign giving their permission and accepting responsibility.

Once the paperwork is done, the person must pass the eye exam. Make sure that they have their glasses with them if they wear them. If they fail the eye exam, they cannot take the permit test.

Now they can take the written test. These test are done on a computer. It is almost exactly to the apps, so if the kids have practiced they should feel at ease. If they fail the permit test, they are given all of their paper work back, including the fee and can come back the next day to try again. If they pass, they receive their permit paper, rules and regulations about driving with their permit and a log book to record the minimum amount of driving time required by the state before they are eligible for the driving test portion.

And then the real fun begins, teaching them to drive.

About the Author:  Debi G, a travel obsessed mom to four kids, is the owner and author of the blog Eat Sleep Travel Repeat (//eatsleeptravelrepeat.com). Check out her blog for some great articles! 

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