What are the Benefits of Tire Rotation?

The average person might know they should rotate their tires but may not always think about it when setting up another service for their vehicle.  You know that rotating your tires has it's benefits but maybe you're not aware of all the benefits.  

Longer tire life.  Rotating the tires can lead to longer tread life for your tires. This, of course, means your can get more life out of your tires. 

Better gas mileage.  Proper tire rotation help with even tread wear. This translates to more vehicle stability.  Uneven wear can reduce tire traction, cause more friction, make for a shaky ride. All of these things can mean the engine has to work harder reducing fuel efficiency.

Increased Safety.  If tires wear unevenly, it can reduce tire tread which in turn reduces tire traction.  This can be more noticeable in the rain and snow. If tires wear unevenly it can also cause the cars alignment to be effected making the driver have to compensate more while driving. 

Save Money.  This could quite possibly be my favorite benefit.  If you've read this far then you probably know where this is going. 
  •  Longer tire life means you have to buy tires less often
  • Better gas mileage means you save money at the pump
  • Proper tire rotation can help prevent or at least delay other, more expensive, car repairs
  • Increased safety with proper tread can help reduce costly accidents.
So how often should you rotate your tires? For the best answer, check your vehicle's owner's manual.  This can be different because of the size of a vehicle, if a vehicle is all wheel drive or front wheel drive, or a vehicles weight. If you check different vehicle maintenance authority websites you'll seen anything from every 3000 miles to every 9000 miles.  So, your best bet is to check your owner's manual or talk to a trusted mechanic.

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